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Many doctors and health professionals, now believe that the best medicine for a long and healthy life, is not drug but exercise based.

There is no better way of improving your health and recovery from ill health, than to set aside time to exercise  The effects seem to be more potent than drugs and without the negative side effects, that inevitably occur with medicinal drugs.

These rmarkable well being effects, are not just limited to the physical improvements but to mental enhancement too.  This can be identified by improved brain function, alertnss, heightened concentration levels and increased motivation etc .

It is important to remember that good physical fitness anbd strength, is attributed to a decreased risk of diseases such as many cancers, diabetes, heart and lung disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, alzheimers and much more  An improved immune and endocrine system is also a by-product.

The immense benefits cannot be emphasised enough.  There is no tme to waste if you feel that your physical attainment is too low.  All and any exercise is postive.  The important aspect is to get off of your chair and move around as frequently as you are able, and make the time, even if you are leading a hectic  lifestyle.

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